Where did my Google Reader Notifier go!

I have setup Google Chrome with my account and I use the Google Reader Notifier to keep track of my RSS feeds.     Well my laptop hard drive died the other day and when I re-installed Chrome I noticed that the Notifier was not installed.   I searched the Chrome market and it was nowhere to be found.   Checking back on my Windows 7 virtual machine I did see that the notifier was there.   Hmm..   OK now how to get it back.

I scanned the files in the directory c:usersmyusernameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultExtensions and found the folder with the Notifier files.    I took those files and copied them to DropBox.   I did rename the folder from apflmjolhbonpkbkooiamcnenbmbjcbf to reader.

On my laptop in Chrome I clicked Wrench -> Settings -> Extensions.   You then have to check the developer mode.    This enables the Load unpacked extension button.    Click that and browse to the reader directory and then to the directory.   Click ok and the Google Chrome Notifier will load.

If you use this then I hope this helps.  Oh, and in case you can’t find the code on another computer click here [Download Reader]


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